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AJEC FR is David & Cher Brunsdon's company, We purchased land here in France in 2004, David built the house here in 2005. His engineering skills proved most valuable when involved in building projects. 

Demand for David's Mechanical Engineering skills became so high he decided to restart his AJEC Fr garage business in early 2011. He works on an eclectic mix of cars and bikes even some commercials, one day he can have in a Tipper truck, Porsche, a classic 20 year old mini and a Bentley.

David started out as an apprentice in the Cotton Motor Cycle factory in Gloucester, accumulating to running his own business in the Motor trade, specialising in BMW & Performance Cars. Building and developing race cars and engines for himself and customers, utilising all his experience to create very competitive vehicles. He sold his business in the UK in January 2005.

The name AJEC has been retained in memory of a very dear friend (now departed) who's shared enthusiasm in all the wonderful world of classic cars, motor racing, track days, hill climbs, etc, remain ever evident, plus he was the joint founder at the beginning of AJEC with David.  

Also within the AJEC portfolio our experience in the field of marketing, publicity, sponsorship and promotional concepts helped to blend a unique service for any new project, whether it is Cars, Enduro /Moto Bikes or events!

For further information email or telephone: or 0033 545 7892 86. 


Holistic & Complimentary Health & Beauty Therapies

Cher Brunsdon wife of David, has her own business doing Complimentary & Holistic Therapies. These pages show a list of treatments available & her work places. Cher has a therapy room at her home, also doing therapies at selected Gites,  Manors & Chateaus, for their guests & special occasions.

Cher started doing beauty therapy in the early 1980's, specialising in skin care, therapeutic massage, Special occasion make over’s. At this time Cher was trained in NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Also eye lash/Brow tinting & Colour Me Beautiful Therapy. Through the 1990's & 20's Cher studied REIKI, & is a qualified REIKI Master, Reflexology, Different Massage Techniques, Deep Tissue, Deep Relaxation therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger point therapy & EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) .

If you have any inquiries for either David or Cher, Please contact AJEC Fr on 0033 545 78 92 86 or email or from any of the contact details on the pages of our Web site. Thank you. 


3, Impasse du Le Grolleau, Oriolles,

Charente, 16480

Tel: 0033 545789286

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