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"Colour Me Beautiful"(CMB)

CMB is all about seeing what colours are most suited to a person and each person has their own individual season. Colours are formed into seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, it helps to give ideas about what colours to wear and how it suits you. It can lift your whole personality when wearing a colour exactly for you, your clothes, accessories, make up.

As we change through life, we can change our season. Sometimes it's necessary to wear a colour because it is part of our work, uniforms, suits etc., but if by adding just one item of colour to our person, it can change the whole picture, it creates balance and harmony for them & people looking at them, it lifts confidence and also how the individual feel about themselves.

For a demonstration, here at Oriolles or a visit to your venue, I have a whole range of scarves of different colours and texture (I've built these up over the years to cover as many of the seasons colours as possible), different colour lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, nail varnishes, jewelery, a long mirror and printed pages that show the group of colours linked to the individual seasons. On a group basis I do a simple assessment on each person, by starting off placing a colour around them, then perhaps offering to add some lipstick or eyeshadow, if they do not wear makeup perhaps an item of jewelery or nail varnish, the group are always very quick to add their compliments and ideas, which is why it is good fun and light hearted, but at the same time each person can take away with them something new in their thoughts, perhaps when buying an accessory or new item of clothing next time they go out shopping.

On a one to one basis, the CMB Sessions is more intense, please contact me for more information or to make an appointment. Thank you!

Cher Brunsdon.

Tel : 05 45 78 92 86

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