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(Siret No: 524 641 834 - GL1727579 - FPI 4570) 

Cher Brunsdon has her own business doing Complimentary Therapies, Beauty therapies, well being, Holistic (the whole of you).

These pages show the list of treatments available & her work place. Her therapy room at Oriolles, also days out doing treatments at Gites & Chateaus, for guests & special occasions.

Cher started doing beauty therapy in the early 1980's, specialising in skin care, facials & Special occasion make over’s for weddings etc. Also NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Relaxing Massage & Colour Me Beautiful Therapy. Cher studied REIKI, Reflexology, Deep Muscle Relaxation Massage & EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) & CBT through the 1990's. Cher is a REIKI 3 /Master and holds regular REIKI Tutoring sessions and workshops. Her therapies are all connected to work with her clients Energy.

Oriolles Therapy Room 2.jpg

Photo: Therapy room at Oriolles

What ever the season or event coming up

Prepare & Repair one's self

Beauty Therapies/Treatments ~ Great Gift Ideas for Christmas, Birthdays. Anniversaries Give a Gift Voucher!

Luxury Facial massage, using a beautiful blend of essential oils to boost and uplift your skin.

Deep Cleansing, with exfoliation and masc therapies

for a brighter clearer complexion,

deep and effective skin booster.

Facials can be completed with a make up of your choice.

Luxurious hands and feet treatment on your nails, cuticles, reshaping, smoothing, exfoliating and nourishing cream, a gentle massage on your hands / feet, lower arms/legs.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow re-shaping.

Looking after your body is a great way to keeping the blues away, your face, skin, hands & feet need TLC and it is a great to give yourself a Pamper.

Using wonderful deep moisturisers or serums for dry, sensitive or troubled skin is a great comfort against all the elements; weather, central heating, or when you are taking a Holiday in the Snow, sun, Sea or Swimming pool etc, all the negative elements we can experience all year round!

For any Information on Health, EFT advice or Beauty treatments available - please ring Cher

0033 679 02 02 07

Soothe away your aches & pains, with a

Muscle Relaxation therapy,

Reflexology, Indian Head Massage,

Head Back & Shoulder session.

If you suffer with certain health problems for example

Bad circulation, High blood pressure, Diabetes, any physical or stress related issues!

These therapies & more are available.

You would be amazed at the results!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Have you experienced REIKI?

Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment,

calming the mind & Body.

Extreme Relaxation!

~ ~ ~ ~

Are your energy levels low?

Re-energise yourself.

Dispel toxins and feel the stress float away

with a blissful hour long massage.  

~ ~ ~ ~

A back massage with a difference - include a thorough cleanse, ex foliation & moisturise.

You will leave feeling fully relaxed & revived,

ready to face the world again.

Good for Men & Women! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you are not sure which treatment would benefit you the most, a free confidential consultation is available any time! 

All treatments are available in The Therapy Room, Oriolles.

Home visits can be arranged for special circumstances.

Call Cher Brunsdon for more details on 

+ 33 679 02 02 07


Therapy room at Oriolles.

Oriolles Therapy Room 2.jpg
Oriolles Therapy Room 3.jpg
Oriolles Therapy Room 5.jpg
Oriolles Therapy Room 4.jpg

I am also invited to various places to give my therapies, I feel priviledged to be able to work

at these most beautiful venues. Thank You. 

The French Retreat,, (1)

Maison De La Vaure, (2)

Magic Le Grand Brueil Villa & Estate, Cognac (3)

Le Manoir Des Fouilloux (4)

Toutvent Manoir (5)

Le Manoir Des Fouilloux.jpg

Cher Brunsdon,

3 Impasse du Grolleau 16480 Oriolles


Siret No: 524641834

GL 1727579

FPI 4570

BEAUTY Treatments

For the face, hands, body or feet E.g. Facials - deep cleanse, masque, tone & moisturise with a relaxing facial massage.

Manicures: Hands, feet, Eye lash/brow tinting, Makeovers etc 

Holistic Therapies

(Holistic means "To treat the whole of you")


An ancient Chinese & Indian therapeutic treatment that works on the principle the whole body is represented by reflex points from the feet. Working on deep pressure points as used in Acupuncture, we use Acupressure. Stimulating all the organs & glands, to help balance their functions & activate the body’s natural healing process and boost the immune system.

Approx 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage 

A deep scalp, neck & shoulder massage focusing on acupressure points. Helps alleviate stress symptoms & create a feeling of calm in the mind & body.

approx 30 minutes 

Hand Therapy 

Soft muscle relaxation technique, pamper & sooth your hands & lower arms. Incredibly beneficial, working with the reflex points in your fingers, palms, top & underneath. Hands feel soft, relaxed & rejuvenated.

aprox 30 minutes

Foot Therapy

Treatment as above but all over your feet & lower legs, leaves you feeling like you are “walking on air”

30 minutes 

A Quick stress reliever

Neck, Shoulder, upper back Massage 30 minutes 

Back Massage

Release the stiffness, knots & tension from the neck, upper, middle & lower back. From 30 minutes to an hour from

A Special Back Massage

As above & includes a cleanse, exfoliation & moisturise.

For Men & women.

1 to 1.5 Hours 

REIKI Massage

REIKI creates greater inner harmony & Balance to mind & body. Regular Reiki treatments promote a calmer response to life’s challenges, creating a peaceful sense of well being on all levels.

Up to 1 hour 

The Ultimate Relaxation & Well being Therapy Treatment.

Commencing with REIKI Relaxation head to toe, gentle body massage, working the reflex points in the ears, hands & feet, enabling the treatment to focus on core points that come to light as the treatment progresses.

A rejuvenating & enlightening treatment for complete well being. Time allocated from 60 to 120 Minutes

PRICES Start from ~ €35 for 30 minutes

1 Hour €45 ~ 1.5 hours €60

2 hours €70 etc

NB :

Prices shown are for treatments at The Therapy Room, Oriolles.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

With all massage & reflex therapies Essential Oils are used unless it is preferred otherwise.

On the first treatment you will be required to complete a Private Contraindications sheet.

Thank you.

For further information on any of the above therapies, prices,

consultation or an appointment, please contact me as above.

Wishing you Good Health

& Well being. Cher Brunsdon



What a great gift for any, Anniversary or special occasion. 

Available for all Beauty, Health & Well being Therapies.

Voucher Value from €30.00 upwards.

Carte Cadeau

Cette carte cadeau donne droit à une sélection de soins de beauté et de relaxation avec Cher Brunsdon à


3 Impasse du Grolleau, 16480 Oriolles

Tel +33 679 02 02 07

Offert à:                                pour un traitement de ___ heure(s)

Avec cette carte vous avez le choix entre de la réflexologie, un massage relaxant, un massage Reiki, un massage indien crânien,

des traitements de beauté, des soins du visage, mais également maquillage, manucures , pédicures..

Contactez moi pour prendre rendez-vous.

Carte cadeau N°: ___

(Carte cadeau valable pendant 6 mois)

Merci !

Gift Voucher

This Voucher entitles the bearer to a selection of Beauty or Complimentary treatments available with Cher Brunsdon at “The Therapy Room”

3 Impasse du Grolleau, 16480 Oriolles,



To:                         the Value

of ___ minutes Treatment

The list of treatments range from Reflexology, Relaxing Massage, Reiki Massage, Indian Head Massage,

Beauty Treatments, Facial Massage, make over, Manicures, Pedicures, for a complete list of treatments and prices please look at  

Please telephone to discuss an appointment time and what treatment would best suit you.

Gift Voucher No:

(Voucher to be redeemed within 6 months of date of issue)

Thank you!

Vouchers can be bought direct, posted or via email.

Payment can be made with cash, cheques, Bank transfer or Paypal


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