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My name is Cher Brunsdon, I am a Holistic & Complimentary Therapist. I do EFT workshops, which have proven to be very rewarding, helpful and positive to clients.

Following is a brief description of what EFT is about and some extracts from papers I have written: 

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.

If you have any stress, phobias, addictions, sadness, pain, anxiety, or battling with an emotional trauma, that may be holding you back mentally or physically, perhaps not allowing yourself to move on, then this may be the key to unlock your emotional state and create an easier and lighter way forward, it is a great technique to release yourself of this emotional or physical burden that you may be carrying.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of alternative psychotherapy that uses tapping, while you focus on a specific traumatic memory.

I will lead you through various mental exercises, dealing with the way forward on how to overcome the psychological "barrier" and demonstrate how you can free yourself from its constraints. I hasten to add my reassurance that this is done in a way that your privacy will not be invaded, no one else, not even myself needs to know what your "constraint" may be. If you choose to disclose any part of your "trauma" it will remain totally confidential. If you would like to know more before making a reservation, either at the workshops that I run from Brossac Spa, or on a one to one basis, please contact me. You may know someone who could benefit from this therapy, please pass this on. Do not hesitate to contact me with any queries, either by phone, a visit or email, you can contact me on 05 45 78 92 86, mobile 06 79 02 02 07 email

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)The Basic Recipe Please click on this link to upload the EFT document. Thank you.

Wishing you all good health & well being. Cher Brunsdon

ADDITIONAL NOTES ...... the following are excerpts from papers I have written to help clients see why they may be suffering with health issues. They found it helped to have a reason, & also this helps to understand some of the reasoning behind EFT.

Holding On to you Anger ~ Body & Mind​

(Central Nervous & Endocrine system)

 If you are feeling irritated, frustrated, angry or emotionally upset most of the time, this could put your sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. When you are under this kind of stress, it creates the “flight or fight” mode all at the same time, which reeks havoc on your immune system, creating extra wear & tear on the body, your nervous system & your health in general. It depletes your energy & affects your ability to think. – It’s like driving a car with an automatic gearbox for the first time, you find yourself placing one foot on the accelerator pedal (sympathetic nervous system) and the other foot on the brake pedal (parasympathetic nervous system) both at the same time.

 Because of this action, the brain creates a deluge of chemicals, so when you continually run on anger mode you can literally become addicted to these chemicals — just as you would any other drug. This happens because the rush of cortisol from feeling angry creates a rush of constant stimulation & thus creating an emotional mind set. (Each emotion creates its own body chemistry.) Hydro cortisone is a steroid hormone, produced from part of the adrenal gland, which regulates genes, development, metabolism & the immune system & its responses.

 Chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system makes it harder to calm down & or slow down when you need to. This creates the risk of heart problems or developing Fibromyalgia. 

 When persistent emotional upset keeps your sympathetic nervous system in overdrive, it can lead to nervous system exhaustion. It can also cause hormonal imbalances, such as chronic elevation in cortisol the stress hormone, and a reduction in DHEA, (Dehydroepiandrosterone ~ the most abundant hormone found in the human body, is sometimes referred to as the "Anti-Aging Hormone).

Over time, a chronic elevation of cortisol resets the body’s thermostat to keep producing cortisol even when you are no longer angry. (EFT Connection)

Too much cortisol production over a long period of time also creates excessive build-up of fat around the middle of the body; it can impair our immune function, decreases bone and muscle mass, impair memory, learning & destroy brain cells.

In the Central Nervous System structures we have receptors which represent neuro endocrine integrations, influencing specifically the stress response upon the brain.

The receptor is now implicated, and may become critical to the understanding of psychological disorders, including some or all sub types of depression. For example Cushing's Disease demonstrates the role of corticosteroids in regulating a psychological state of mind, Interacting with hormones & neurotransmitters for parts of the body that produces Nor epinephrine& serotonin at neural levels. 

Nor epinephrine ~ (US name for noradrenalin with multiple roles which include acting as a hormone and a neurotransmitter. Part of the body that produces, or affected by nor epinephrine is described as noradrenergic).

Cher Brunsdon. The Reiki Connection Fr Tel: 05 45 78 92 86 email:

Parkinson's - Normal Gait in One Session

A fellow colleague Diana Sturm shared one of her clients journey with EFT.

"The support a client receives can be vitally important to the continued improvement of his or her health. In the case of Joe and his very critical wife constantly feeding him the negative information that he was sick; ideas of poor health were planted into his subconscious, effectively lowering the ability of his body to repair itself."

A lady present said that her stepfather had Parkinson’s and she would speak to him about coming to see me for an EFT session.

A few days later, the lady called and said her stepfather was agreeable to try EFT. She warned that although he was a very warm and sociable person, her mother was extremely negative and constantly putting her stepfather down. Every day her mother would tell him, “You are sick. You can’t do that.” She wasn’t sure if that would have any effect on the treatment. She brought in her stepfather, Joe. Joe was 82, had a very distinctive shuffling gait and used a cane to walk. Each step was less than the length of one of his feet, about 6 inches. He also reported having a heaviness in his legs, but he did not exhibit the tremors many Parkinson’s sufferers experience.

I asked Joe why he walked the way he did and his quick response was “I have Parkinson’s.” I didn’t accept this answer and asked again, “Why do you walk in tiny steps?” When Joe realised I would not accept his answer of “I have Parkinson’s” he finally said he had a fear of falling. Those were key words – Joe had developed a phobia of falling.......

My colleague proceeded with EFT phrases and tapping routines with great results: Choosing a method for the set up phrase along with various tapping exercises and creating a development of using more than one word to describe the condition helped to unblock the emotional stigma. Because some clients hold back on their descriptions of their emotions, by adding a few more words to describe the same emotions, a wider net is cast. The subconscious is very literal so if the right word is not used, release often will not occur.

For more information please contact me. Cher Brunsdon 05 45 78 92 86

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