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My recent Page to show just some of the Wedding Make overs I have done,

over the years. I hold an International Beauty Diploma, I have specialised in Wedding Make up for 30 years, I knew I had been doing it a while when my original Brides contact me to do their daughters... I love my work!

I am fully insured and registered in France, I do speak enough French to work with my French clients if this is necessary for you.

I like to share my knowledge of other professionals in this field & I have had the pleasure of working with very talented people. Below is a link to an excellent Photo/Video maker I would recommend you looking in at Fanny Dec's Videos. I thought it would be good to share her talents. Also able to do awesome Drone Shots!portfolio/cwvn ~ right click to translate to English, this young lady is French but speaks great English. Tel 0637597986.

For further information please e-mail me on or telephone 0033 545789286. Mb: 0679020207. Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before and after photos of a Bridal demonstration for the future wedding in 2018. Lovely lady.

Château Clerbise lovely wedding venue and had the pleasure of doing Bride Bianca, Sister/Bridesmaid Debbie and mums.

Pre wedding day make up rehearsal ~ Chateau Clerbise 2014 for wedding in Spetember 2015.



After with hair done.

On the Wedding day, which was so beautiful, Make up for Caitlin and her Bridesmaids.

Photo with her husband Nick.

More examples of Wedding Make up on Brides, Bridemaids, Mum's etc.,

Catherine & James Wedding Celebration. Chateau Clerbise.

(Photo's Cher's Own)

Before photo.

Chateau Clerbise.

(Photo's Cher's Own)

Jane & Mike Clarke - Photographs: Stewart Scott Photography, Bristol.

Laura Tanner's Wedding Day. Bristol.

(Cher's own Photo's)

Kate & Marc Holland's Wedding. Bristol (Cher's Own Photo)

This photo is very special in so many ways, but the 1st Bridesmaid on the left was a rugby player and normally wore no make up, the last Brides maid on the right was on a normal day a "Goth" but both agreed to having their make up done for their friend Kate's wedding day. They all loved the finished result. 

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